Software and technology are transforming the enterprise to define business models of the future. 

Platform Consulting is a start-up consulting company on the leading edge of this revolution - enabling our clients to disrupt traditional models by building cloud native applications and creating exceptional digital experiences for their customers. Leveraging specialized technology skills, modern development approaches and advanced IP, we’re able to accelerate your Cloud Foundry program.

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Platform Consulting is comprised of leading technologists in the areas of Cloud Application Platforms and modern development frameworks.  We are a consulting firm that specializes in accelerating our clients' adoption of next generation applications and platforms. We believe that software is the keystone connecting transformation and customer relationships to business success.



We have assembled an elite team of architects with deep knowledge and expertise in Cloud Foundry and Docker technologies. Prior to joining us, they will typically have made extensive contributions to open source communities and will have worked in technical leadership roles for leading platform technology vendors.


Disruption is at the core of what we help to enable, so we are looking for customers that are trying new things - pioneering new platforms, attacking business challenges and embracing modern delivery models. We admire companies with bold objectives and we embrace the challenge to help the transformation agenda. Through a collaborative and complimentary engagement model, we’re able to fit into your program and make it tangibly better.   


Aligning tightly with leading technology vendors makes us stronger. We work closely with partners like Pivotal and Docker to contribute to the latest technology and define 'best in class' approaches to platforms. When working on your program, you can rely on us to bring the strongest technology and people for solving your specific challenge. 

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We are looking for outstanding people to join our organization and help shape the future. If you have the technical chops and consultative skills to drive amazing customer outcomes, we want to hear from you!  


The importance of our team and culture cannot be overstated and is a key reason for our success.  As such, our hiring process is one of the most important things that we do.  It is comprehensive and ensures the we’re hiring individuals that are both the best in their field, as well as an excellent fit with our company. 

You should expect for the process to be intensive and very interactive.

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It spans technical, leadership and social dimensions to really understand you and your goals; ensuring that we put you in the best situation for development and success. All levels of the organization are involved in both the hiring process and the decision making on who is extended the opportunity to join the team.  While the up-front investment of time is considerable, it allows us to build a very talented team and organization.



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